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我是个新妈妈。 我很幸运, 请到这个陪月的Auntie,她有15年以上的经验。她照顾宝宝很有经验,又很疼爱宝宝;擅长煮陪月菜,精通药膳炖补;她的菜肴多样化,每一餐都有汤水(尤其是她的猪脚醋,让我们很留恋);鼓励妈妈们哺乳,对妈妈和宝宝都受益。Aunt Mary 不会用电脑,我帮她放上网,让有需要的妈妈们可以和她联络。她是马来西亚JB人,她常常到新加坡陪月。我没有收Aunty的钱,只是好心帮忙她放上网,你们可以直接和Aunty Mary联络或者sms Aunty。电话号码是:+6010-8847 576。(M'sia) +658300 8215 (S'pore).Aunty 时常到国外去工作,两个电话都打,一定有一个能打得通。就可以找到Aunty咯!

Friday, 1 January 2016

8 Dec 2015

This is my second time engaging Aunty Mary as my confinement nanny. You can read my first testimonial for Aunty Mary in her blog. As usual, Aunty Mary is very good with baby and me. She cooks delicious food for me and keeps the kitchen very clean. Every night during feeding time she will bring baby to me to breastfeed. After that, I will just go back to bed and she will burp, change and put baby back to bed. She is very probreastfeeding and cooks food that will enable mummys to have more breastmilk.

If you want to know more about Aunty Mary, you can email me at yizheng.mok@hotmail.com or sms me at 98201829.

Overall, Aunty Mary is a very clean, professional and good confinement nany. Your baby will be in great hands under her care.


Friday, 29 August 2014

4 August 2014

Aunty Mary has many years of experience of taking care a new born baby and a mummy after gave birth. She always concern about baby and mummy's health. She also can cook different type of confinement food everyday, the taste is great. A mummy who is on confinement will never feel bore at home, because Aunty Mary is very humor and always bring a lot of joy and happiness to mummy. Is highly recommended.


25 June 2014

24 May 2014
Baby Krystal is born.

27 May 2014
Confinement Nanny Aunty Mary arrived.

29 May 2014
Baby's umbilical cord dropped nicely within 5 days. Went to PD for review, jaundice is not serious, so no need for further blood test. Just observe for next few days. All thanks to Aunty Mary's good care.

25 June 2014
Time flies, today Aunty Mary is leaving us after taking care of mommy and baby day & night for 30 days. Mommy has been naughty, so Aunty has to nag her everyday to drink more red date water, to get more rest and to finish the food fast before it turns cold. All those for mommy sake. Aunty also prepared a lot of good meals with different herbal soup daily to help recovery mommy's body and strength. Aunty Mary gave a lot of advise on what can be eaten and what to avoid and things to take note even after confinement. We will always remember her and all her cares to us.


Thursday, 31 October 2013

Today is the last day and Aunty Mary is leaving us after doing 5 weeks of confinement with us. This is the second time that we are engaging Aunty Mary and she is just as good as we remember her to be. She has been a good help and I managed to get a lot of rest. The most important thing is she loves baby and is very responsible and experienced. I can even trust her to take care of baby while I go out. Aunt is very particular in hygiene and cleanness when comes to handle baby or baby's stuff. She is pro-breastfeeding and cooks food to help me enhance milk supply. She was really patient in teaching me how to breast-feed my baby. As for taking care of me, Aunty passes with flying colours.
She is like a mummy taking good care of me. Really lucky to have her.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

1 July 2013

This is the second time that we are engaging Aunty Mary and she is just as good as we remember her to be. Apart from being able to cook well and being good with the baby, she also helped massaged my baby. My baby was born slightly premature but Aunty Mary did such a good job of caring for her that you would not even realise now. My older child who was looked after by her when he was a newborn, is also especially close to her. Now he already 1 and half years old. I guess babies and children are able to sense when someone truly cares for them. 

My email: rachael102@gmail.com

Friday, 5 July 2013

01 Feb 2013

Today is the last day and Aunty Mary is leaving us after doing 5 weeks of confinement with us. Overall, I am satisfied with her taking care of me and my baby girl.

Aunty Mary took care of mummy well and she cooked a variety of chinese herbal soups to suit mummy's needs during confinement period. She was very patient and caring with my baby girl. In addition, she encouraged exclusive breast feeding if possible. She has helped me to prevent breast engorgement. Overall, she is a very confident confinement lady.


Friday, 7 June 2013

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

How time flies, Aunt Mary has stay with us for nearly 2 months ( March - May '13) and she will be leaving us 2 days later. This is the second time I have engaged Aunt Mary for her confinement service, the first time was in year 2010, recommended by my sister.

Aunt Mary takes great care of my baby, priorities baby's needs above all. She showers my girl with lots of love, giving her a sense of security, talking to her, playing with her, smoothing her when she cries or fuss. Even when my girl stays awake in the awe morning, Aunt took it upon herself, looking after my girl, to ensure I have a good rest. As baby has no immunity in the first 3 months, Aunt is very particular in hygiene and cleanness when comes to handle baby or baby's stuff for example, baby's milk powder, diaper changing when baby's poo. And when my girl has stomach upset due to unsuitable milk powder, she will help to massage my girl ( of course to supplement her with a fee ).

Aunt Mary can cook a variety of delicious, non-oily confinement food and just using pork rib, she can use different ingredients to come up with many varieties. I have previously dislike pig trotter or pig stomach soup but as a must to eat during confinement, it gives me a different new after eating hers. Every meals ( lunch and dinner ) are always 1 herbal soup + 2 dishes ( alternate with fish / chicken / pork / vegetables ) + a big plate of rice which she will nag at me to eat it hot in order to have milk to feed my little one.Every morning, you wake up and she will also nag at you to finish the tea. Though she nag, deep down in my heart I know she nag for my own good.

I would highly recommend her if you are looking for a responsible, reliable, meticulous and experience confinement lady.

Mrs Ong.